Current Special



It has been a busy summer! Kids are finally off to school and we are all settling into a rhythm. Don’t let a costly break down interrupt your daily rhythm.  As a thank you to all of our loyal customers we are offering a Fall/Winter Special. This is a complete inspection to insure your vehicle is ready for the cooler weather up ahead.

$85 Fall maintenance

Also included:

  • Oil Change, Oil Filter, Lubrication(Synthetic)
  • Pressure test cooling system and radiator
  • Test the battery, starter and alternator
  • Check lights, wipers and brakes
  • Scan engine and body computers
  • Inspect Brakes and Rotate Tires(if necessary)
  • Road test the vehicle
  • New! Denso MRI Report
  • Complete Digital Inspection w/Pictures


$195 Winterize Special

All the above PLUS

  • Replace Wiper Blades(some vehicles extra)
  • Coolant Flush
  • Add 0 Degree Washer Fluid

This list may seem small but it really includes many services that are not itemized and are not included with a typical oil change service. Typically these services are well over $300!


As always if you are ever dissatisfied with any of our work please tell us. You will find we are easy to talk to and always ready and willing to do the right thing.

EXPIRES December 22, 2017