College Special - Complimentary Vehicle Health Check

Don't Forget About The Car!

It's hard to believe it's almost time to think about going to college already! We know your list is long and we want to make sure your son or daughter has a safe vehicle driving to and from college. We at Tommy's would love to offer you a complimentary Vehicle Health Check.

Now until September 2018 bring your college ID or other proof and you will receive a complimentary Vehicle Health Check! 

Our Vehicle Health Check Includes:

  1. Oil level and status
  2. Tire Condition
  3. Test battery
  4. Check Alignment
  5. Condition of Coolant and level
  6. Condition of Transmission Fluid and Level
  7. Scan your computer for codes
  8. Test lighting system
  9. Visual inspection under vehicle
  10. Check visual brake pad wear
  11. and MUCH MORE!

See it in action! 

Denton's Best Auto Repair Warranty 3 YR 36K Miles!

We believe our warranty is the best in the country, let alone Denton, TX. Our stated warranty is 3 Year 36,000 Miles BUT we make sure and take care of our customers the way we would like to be treated. So many times we go above and beyond and take care of a warranty concern even if the warranty is out. We have the best customers in Denton and they deserve the best treatment.





Does my car need an Alignment?

Why do I need an Alignment? How often should I align my car in denton, tx? What happens if I don't align my car? How long does an alignment take?

Here is a list that alignment will affect or prevent:

  1. Uneven tire wear (we've seen tires wear out in less than 10K miles)
  2. Steering wheel is crooked
  3. Tires feathering on the edges
  4. Drifting or pulling while driving down the road
  5. Brakes wearing out prematurely
  6. Driver Assist Systems (DAS) not working properly
  7. Braking distance
  8. Cornering and handling
  9. Alignment process can take up to 2 Hours depending on the condition the car is in

Tommy's Hi Tech Auto uses the absolute latest technology on the market. Our cutting edge Hunter alignment machine is fast, accurate, and very intelligent! 

 State of the Art Alignment by Hunter Engineering

State of the Art Alignment by Hunter Engineering