Meet Our Team

When it comes to auto maintenance, the Tommy’s Hi Tech Auto team is at your service. Our technicians are ASE certified and have years of experience at their disposal to excel in the regular service and repair your vehicle. We specialize in all Honda, Toyota, Acura, and Lexus makes and models. Give us a call today and find out how we can keep your vehicle running smooth for years!


Michael - Owner

Michael has been part of Tommy's since 2006. He grew up helping with his dad's auto shop in Knoxville, TN. He loves working on cars and working with customers. His greatest joy is helping people, whether it's at work or at a church or social function with friends and family. Michael says the best part about working at Tommy’s is being able to be completely transparent and honest; it's OK to be empathetic in order to help people and give them the best customer service possible. Michael drives a Toyota Tundra and a Subaru WRX, and enjoys camping, mountain biking, and serving the community. He also loves being a father to two small children and a husband to a dear wife.


Dean- Service Advisor

Dean has been a technician, shop foreman, service adviser, and manager for forty-three years and a part of the team at Tommy’s Hi Tech Auto since 2015. What he enjoys the most about working at Tommy's is the freedom to do whatever is necessary to make sure customers are treated like family. When he isn’t working, Dean volunteers at his local church and for other nonprofit organizations that help people overcome situations that keep them from living a full rewarding life. Dean currently drive a Hyundai Sonata but often thinks about his first 1965 Studebaker Hawk.


Tori - Service Advisor

Tori has been in the industry for over 8 years. She takes pride in providing the best customer experience possible! She enjoys Tommy's Hi Tech Auto because she feels the freedom to do whatever is necessary to take care of the customer. 


Trey - General Manager

Trey is the stepson of Tommy Hi Tech Auto’s founder and namesake. He’s worked in the shop on and off throughout high school and college, and has been here full-time after obtaining his bachelor’s degree in 2012. Trey owns three vehicles himself: a 1999 Honda Civic with 347,000 miles, a 2008 GMA Sierra 2500HD with 140,000 miles, and a 2011 Toyota Venza with about 115,000 miles. He finds working at Tommy’s rewarding because he gets to work for a great company with great people. His free time is spent with his wife and daughter or in the great outdoors.


Mark - Service Advisor

Mark joined Tommy’s in December 2016 after a thirty year career in residential construction. As a graduate of Baylor University Hankamer School of Business, he has advised and managed all aspects of the customer service process in the industry, and now brings this expertise to assist the customers of Tommy’s Hi Tech Auto. Mark loves helping people. When he’s not working, he enjoys off-roading in Colorado with his family in his 1986 Toyota 4Runner Turbo.


Zach - Service Advisor

Zach has been a customer of Tommy's for over 15 years! He joined our team in 2017. He loves playing racquetball, hunting, and playing sports with his kids!