Does my car need an Alignment?

Why do I need an Alignment? How often should I align my car in denton, tx? What happens if I don't align my car? How long does an alignment take?

Here is a list that alignment will affect or prevent:

  1. Uneven tire wear (we've seen tires wear out in less than 10K miles)
  2. Steering wheel is crooked
  3. Tires feathering on the edges
  4. Drifting or pulling while driving down the road
  5. Brakes wearing out prematurely
  6. Driver Assist Systems (DAS) not working properly
  7. Braking distance
  8. Cornering and handling
  9. Alignment process can take up to 2 Hours depending on the condition the car is in

Tommy's Hi Tech Auto uses the absolute latest technology on the market. Our cutting edge Hunter alignment machine is fast, accurate, and very intelligent! 

 State of the Art Alignment by Hunter Engineering

State of the Art Alignment by Hunter Engineering