state inspectionEvery year, you must get your vehicle inspected to make sure that it’s safe to drive on the road. At Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto Repair, we provide state inspections that look at every detail of your car, from your tires to your brakes to your seatbelts and more.

Cars that are less than 25 years old receive an emissions check and a safety check. The emissions check transmits your car’s data to the State, which provides a pass or no pass. Cars that are 25 years and older only receive a safety check.

Don’t forget — if your vehicle has a new or jumpstarted battery, you need to drive for more than 50 miles in order for the vehicle drive cycle monitors to indicate the car is ready for inspection.

Call 940-239-3880 today to make an appointment for your state inspection for just $25.50 with Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto Repair.