Scenic Fall Drives In and Around Denton, TX

Now is the time to hit the road on a Sunday afternoon and take a scenic drive. Fall is here and the weather is perfect. Things are green and the leaves are changing colors on the trees. Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto Repair can get your vehicle road-ready for those Sunday afternoon drive or weekend trips. Why not take a weekend trip? Here are some local scenic routes worth checking out.

Denton to FM 428

If you take the route that leads you out of Denton toward FM 428, you’ll drive through some of the best horse country Texas has to offer. This scenic drive can be done easily in one afternoon as it is only 14 miles long one way. The route begins at Tom McCutcheon Reining Horses and ends at Toskhara Arabians. Along the way, you’ll also see Cardinal Reining Ranch and Jerry Vawter Quarter Horses. Check with each stop to see if and when they allow visitors and plan your drive accordingly.

Highway 377

If you’d like to take a longer drive, hop on Highway 377 and head north. This is another scenic drive through horse country and you can stop at 11 different ranches if you go when they allow visitors. Included in your stops is Four Fillies, a riding facility that offers horseback riding lessons and several riding trails for those who want to get out of the car and onto a horse. This scenic route along Highway 377 is 37 miles long, so maybe schedule this drive for a Saturday instead of a Sunday.

Highway 377 North of Denton County

Add 25 miles to your drive and keep heading north on Highway 377 to leave Denton County. Along this route, you’ll see Hendricks Reining Horses, Inc., Cinder Lakes Ranch and Reproductive Center, and St-Onge Reining Horses. St-Onge Reining Horses allows visitors, so check to see when they’d prefer you come on in for a tour. Hendricks Reining Horses, Inc. and Cinder Lakes Ranch and Reproductive Center must be contacted directly to see if they allow visitors over the weekend or during weekdays.

Most ranches prefer you stay out of their driveways unless you’ve scheduled a visit or there is a sign that indicates they welcome walk-ins. The Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau has specific details about ranch tours. Before you head out, swing by or call Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto Repair in Denton, TX, for a quick automobile check. Our number is 940-514-8585.

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