Get Ready for “Back-To-School” by Looking Out For Your Car’s Warning Signs!

The dog days of summer are here in Denton, TX, and that means that it’s almost time for everyone to go back to school! Many of us will be busy hauling kids to school, dropping one off at soccer practice and picking another up from violin lessons. Oh, and making sure all the backpacks, new clothes, books, and folders are purchased, right!?

All of these errands and shuttling mean reliable vehicles are a must! But year after year, in this busy time period people forget to take care of their cars. However, a vehicle that is releasing odors, making strange noises, or not performing how it should perform are concerning and should be addressed – especially since you probably don’t have the time to slow down if your car breaks down!

The best course of action to keep your car working well is to maintain it regularly. The next best thing is to know what some warning signs are so you can address them immediately if you need to. Here are some warning signs to look out for during this “Back-To-School” season:

Car warning lights

Your car’s warning lights, a.k.a. check engine lights,  do not normally come on unless there is something in your vehicle that needs attention. No matter if you drive a Honda, BMW, Oldsmobile, or anything in between, you should definitely not ignore these lights. Your vehicle’s dashboard has dozens of symbols and lights that can come on to tell you something is off – there’s everything from your oil change warning light, to your tire pressure warning light, anti-lock brake warning light, traction control malfunction warning light, washer fluid indicator, battery light, and much more.

Front and/or back brake noises and grinding

Our cars “talk” to us with noises. Specifically, a car’s squeaking or squealing noises communicate to us that it’s time to get a brake inspection. If you’re hearing brakes squeaking, squealing, or grinding, then you might need new front or rear brake pads and rotors. Or you might just need new brake fluid. It’s pretty impossible to say without taking a look under the hood. At Tommy’s Hi Tech Auto in Denton, TX, we offer very thorough brake inspections, and diagnostics so you can know exactly what is wrong with your brakes and make the best decision for you and your family. Worn down brakes, rotors, and/or brake fluid is frustrating, but it is one of the most important safety concerns and should be looked at quickly by an experienced mechanic – one that is ASE certified. 

Car suspension problems

We get calls where people ask say, “My car shakes when I’m driving down the highway. What’s going on?!” If your car’s steering wheel shakes while you’re driving, you likely have either a suspension issue or a tire issue. If your car’s steering wheel is shaking, you might need an alignment, or you might need to get your tires balanced. The expert mechanics here at Tommy’s Hi Tech Auto in Denton are incredible at stopping shaking steering wheels and would love to serve you!

Make sure your family and your vehicle are ready for the hectic “Back-To-School” season by bringing your car down to our auto repair shop for an oil change, multi-point inspection, and any other car concerns you might have. Give us a call at 940-239-3880, click here to schedule your appointment or stop by today!

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