Car Accessories You’ll Actually Use

Hey driver, not all gadgets are created equal (remember the time you bought the shake weight?). Well, if you’re looking to spruce up your driving experience, check out these essentials:

Portable Jump Starter

Ever had your car battery die at the most inconvenient time possible? Thought so. Did you know the powers that be created a jump starter kit that doesn’t require a good Samaritan and their vehicle? This handy device needs you and only you, so just follow the directions on the package and get to it.

Microfiber Cloth

One of the least expensive items on this list, a microfiber cloth is your best defense against dust, spills, and various auto-related filth. Wipe a dirty windshield or dust the display area, just make sure the cloth is microfiber (a kitchen towel just isn’t the same).

Tire Pressure Gauge

Pressurized tires not only keep you safe and comfortable, they maintain fuel efficiency. With a tire pressure gauge, you can check the pressure in your tires without having to stop at a gas station. It’s super useful.


Surely you know what this hands-free technology promises. So, put it in your car already. And put down your phone.


Since paper maps are like landlines these days, you should consider a quality GPS system for your car. Sure, you could use an app on your phone, but that’s frowned upon (not to mention illegal in some states).

Floor Mats and/or Seat Covers

Everyone spills something at some point, even the most meticulous drivers. To keep upholstery free of stains, fades and other damage, consider purchasing quality seat covers or floor mats. Your resale value will thank you.

Air Freshener

After your car has lost the smell of newness, the funk sets in. Garbage, food and time have taken their toll. Sometimes rolling down the windows will do enough to ventilate a stale space, but other times you need the hard stuff. With myriad varieties that come in every scent imaginable, your car can smell like the ocean, a raspberry, or a dryer sheet. Whatever you decide, it’s bound to be better than before.

USB Charger

With so many ways to charge a dying phone battery, there’s no excuse to miss a call. With a USB charger for your car, you can plug it in and forget about it. When all’s well, enable Bluetooth and call your Mom.

For all your vehicle maintenance and repair needs, call Tommy’s Hi-Tech Auto Repair in Denton, TX at 940-239-3880 today!

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