What Does Colored Exhaust Smoke Mean?

As the temperature drops this winter, you may notice that your car’s exhaust appears slightly whiter on a cold morning. This is just a trick of the weather, but what about colored exhaust smoke that that seems out of the ordinary? If your vehicle is experiencing an engine problem, colored exhaust smoke can often be an indicator. Think your colored exhaust isn’t just a cold weather phenomenon? Consider these exhaust smoke colors and what they may be telling you about your vehicle.

Blue Exhaust


If your car appears to be expelling blue smoke, this may indicate an oil leak. Oil leaks can vary in severity and could be disastrous for the health of your vehicle, so as soon as you see blue smoke, contact your local auto shop. Oil leaks can also create environmental issues, and oil being burned up in the engine can cause it to freeze up — a repair you definitely want to avoid.

Black Exhaust

If your car is producing large amounts of black smoke, it’s likely an overflow of gasoline in the motor. Excessive amounts of gas burning in the combustion chamber of the engine is what creates those black clouds exiting out the rear of your car. Not only does this mean you're wasting gas and getting poor fuel efficiency, but it could spell disaster for your motor. Common issues related to this problem (that could mean additional repairs) include leaking fuel injectors, dirty or faulty MAF or O2 sensors, or even a clogged air filter.

White Exhaust

While seeing a little white exhaust during the colder months is normal, white exhaust that’s being expelled during warmer weather or in large amounts could indicate a coolant leak inside the engine. Coolant leaks are rather dangerous for your vehicle, as it puts the engine at high risk of overheating — which can lead to extensive engine damage. A cooling system leak inside the engine could be the result of a cracked block. If so, the engine will need to be repaired or even replaced. As soon as you notice an increase in smoke coming from your tailpipe, make an appointment to have the problem resolved.

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