Alignment - Steering, Suspension, and Handling Basics

Facts: Alignment should be done once a year whether or not you notice an issue. Alignments improve traction, cornering, and braking. Alignments decrease your tire wear. Lastly, believe it or not a proper alignment calibration will help prevent brake pad wear. 

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Should I have an alignment done even if my car is not pulling or drifting? Yes, experts recommend once a year, especially with lane departure and drive assist features. See video below.

What if my car vibrates? An alignment will not "fix" a vibration concern. Rather the alignment could be out, which caused the tires to wear, ultimately leading to vibration. 

Do I need an alignment if my car pulls when I brake? It is suggested to check your alignment, but this will probably not fix the pull when braking. More than likely you have a brake failure at one of the wheels.