Back To School Special

Don’t Forget About The Car!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost time to think about going to college already! We know your list is long and we want to make sure your son or daughter has a safe vehicle driving to and from college. We at Tommy’s would love to offer you a complimentary Vehicle Health Check.

Just bring in your college ID or other proof and you will receive a complimentary Vehicle Health Check!

Our Vehicle Health Check Includes:

  1. Oil level and status
  2. Tire Condition
  3. Test battery
  4. Check Alignment
  5. Condition of Coolant and level
  6. Condition of Transmission Fluid and Level
  7. Scan your computer for codes
  8. Test lighting system
  9. Visual inspection under vehicle
  10. Check visual brake pad wear
  11. and MUCH MORE!